Weekly Program Guide for CH 10 - Dec 10, 2018 to Dec 16, 2018
Monday12:41 AMNewFINALNetworkWorkshops01
Monday12:41 AMPodcastShow1
Monday1:52 AMCommon Ground PSA
Monday2:00 AMRecoveryUnfiltered20171
Monday2:32 AMSights & Sounds of Autorama
Monday7:30 AMHello Waterford
Monday8:00 AMBlack Coffee
Monday8:30 AMCartoons Corner
Monday9:00 AMDiwaniya
Monday9:35 AMLazart & Jingles
Monday10:30 AM"Your Health"
Monday11:30 AMKnuckle Head Theatre
Monday11:51 AMNewFINALNetworkWorkshops01
Monday12:00 PMHealthyYou
Monday12:18 PMLockItUpOaklandPSA_2017
Monday12:19 PMMentalHealthPSA_UPDATE_2017
Monday12:19 PMPowersMusicDonHays2018
Monday2:00 PMSeniorcize
Monday2:23 PMRiverSafePSA_09012016
Monday2:30 PMA Veteran's Story
Monday4:29 PMUnder the Checkered Flag
Monday4:59 PMSportsTalkRTS10_3_181
Monday5:30 PMKnuckle Head Theatre
Monday5:51 PMSports On Demand
Monday6:30 PMPowers Pow Wow Music
Monday7:00 PMMichigan Rocks
Monday7:27 PMSpecialSpacesPSA2018
Monday7:30 PMIn Town News
Monday7:52 PMVaping Seminar
Monday9:12 PMBiz Around Town
Monday9:30 PMKettering vs WL Western
Tuesday12:00 AMSMAM PSA
Tuesday12:00 AMNewFINALNetworkWorkshops01
Tuesday1:00 AMMNOW Radio 1
Tuesday1:30 AMAult Talk
Tuesday2:00 AMUnder the Checkered Flag
Tuesday2:29 AMA Veteran's Story
Tuesday2:48 AMOunce of Preventinon
Tuesday3:17 AMTheology in Prospective
Tuesday6:00 AMHeart of the Hills
Tuesday6:59 AMNewFINALNetworkWorkshops01
Tuesday7:00 AMCartoons Corner
Tuesday7:19 AMLazart & Jingles
Tuesday7:50 AMCommon Ground PSA
Tuesday8:00 AMGrace & Truth
Tuesday8:28 AMLockItUpOaklandPSA_2017
Tuesday8:30 AMWoodside Bible Church
Tuesday8:59 AMNon-Neutral Zone
Tuesday10:00 AMHello Waterford
Tuesday10:28 AMWaterford Youth Awards 2018
Tuesday11:00 AMThe How To Show
Tuesday11:30 AMNature Kid
Tuesday12:00 PMChrist Lutheran Church
Tuesday12:52 PMkidsbiz
Tuesday1:04 PMSpecialSpacesPSA2018
Tuesday1:25 PMPowers Pow Wow - The Chat
Tuesday2:00 PMSeniorcize
Tuesday2:23 PMPRN OC PSA :60
Tuesday2:29 PMSt. Trinity Church
Tuesday3:16 PMKnuckle Head Theatre
Tuesday3:38 PMNewFINALNetworkWorkshops01
Tuesday3:38 PMPMAC_Modle Aviation Day
Tuesday3:42 PMAirbase
Tuesday4:00 PMThe Bible Speaks
Tuesday4:59 PMOakland County Tomorrow
Tuesday5:27 PMDetroit Sports Media
Tuesday6:30 PMUnder the Checkered Flag
Tuesday7:00 PMMonthly Movie
Tuesday8:11 PMPowersMusicDonHays2018
Tuesday9:00 PMLeave a Legacy
Tuesday9:28 PMInside Oakland County
Tuesday10:00 PMThe How To Show
Wednesday12:00 AMNewFINALNetworkWorkshops01
Wednesday12:00 AMPCHS40 Ad
Wednesday12:03 AMPMAC_Modle Aviation Day
Wednesday12:07 AMPodcastShow1
Wednesday1:18 AMRoad to Recovery PTSD
Wednesday1:47 AMBlack Coffee
Wednesday2:14 AMVaping Seminar
Wednesday3:34 AMBiz Around Town
Wednesday7:00 AMCartoons Corner
Wednesday7:19 AMBIGCHIEFCHOIR181103SD
Wednesday9:32 AMBlack Coffee
Wednesday10:00 AMHello Waterford
Wednesday11:00 AMMonthly Movie
Wednesday12:11 PMSights & Sounds of Autorama
Wednesday2:00 PMSeniorcize
Wednesday2:29 PMHealthyYou
Wednesday2:55 PMPowers Pow Wow - The Chat
Wednesday3:30 PMAsk the Chiropractor
Wednesday4:00 PMUnder the Checkered Flag
Wednesday4:30 PMLazart & Jingles
Wednesday5:01 PMDiwaniya
Wednesday5:30 PMPowers Pow Wow Music
Wednesday6:00 PMDiann's Keyboards
Wednesday6:29 PMMentalHealthPSA_UPDATE_2017
Wednesday6:30 PMAround the World w/Ray
Wednesday6:54 PMSports On Demand
Wednesday7:29 PMRiverSafePSA_09012016
Wednesday7:30 PMMichigan Rocks
Wednesday7:57 PMNewFINALNetworkWorkshops01
Wednesday7:58 PMSt Perpetual Parish Ceremony
Wednesday8:30 PMA Veteran's Story
Wednesday8:48 PMSpecialSpacesPSA2018
Wednesday8:51 PMHuman Trafficing Doc
Wednesday9:21 PMMovie Maddness
Thursday12:49 AMA Veteran's Story
Thursday1:07 AMAirbase
Thursday2:00 AMAult Talk
Thursday2:30 AMRecoveryUnfiltered20171
Thursday3:02 AMDetroit Sports Media
Thursday4:01 AMUnder the Checkered Flag
Thursday4:30 AMkidsbiz
Thursday4:42 AMSports On Demand
Thursday4:42 AMA Few Stanzas for Our Mothers
Thursday6:30 AMNature Kid
Thursday6:56 AMPowers Pow Wow - The Chat
Thursday7:30 AMThe How To Show
Thursday7:58 AMLeave a Legacy
Thursday8:27 AMPowersMusicDonHays2018
Thursday9:14 AMGhost on the Loose
Thursday10:30 AMWoodside Bible Church
Thursday10:59 AMNewFINALNetworkWorkshops01
Thursday10:59 AMInterlude
Thursday12:30 PM"Your Health"
Thursday1:00 PMDoor of Faith
Thursday1:59 PMPSA2016-DVD001-06
Thursday2:00 PMSeniorcize
Thursday2:23 PMOunce of Preventinon
Thursday3:00 PMDiann's Keyboards
Thursday3:30 PMBlack Coffee
Thursday3:56 PMAirbase
Thursday4:00 PMCartoons Corner
Thursday4:25 PMNewFINALNetworkWorkshops01
Thursday4:30 PMThe How To Show
Thursday4:54 PMSpecialSpacesPSA2018
Thursday5:30 PMHello Waterford
Thursday6:01 PMStand Stregth Team
Thursday8:01 PMVideoGamePSA_Update_2017
Thursday8:01 PMGunLockPSA_UPDATED_2017
Thursday9:00 PMMichigan Rocks
Thursday9:27 PMMI Works Promo 2017
Thursday10:00 PMIn Town News
Friday12:00 AMNewFINALNetworkWorkshops01
Friday12:00 AMSMAM PSA
Friday12:01 AMPodcastShow1
Friday1:29 AMMonthly Movie
Friday2:27 AMNewFINALNetworkWorkshops01
Friday2:28 AMMovie Maddness
Friday4:01 AMA Few Stanzas for Our Mothers
Friday5:00 AMGhost on the Loose
Friday8:00 AMA Veteran's Story
Friday8:30 AMDoor of Faith
Friday9:29 AMLazart & Jingles
Friday10:00 AMAround the World w/Ray
Friday10:30 AMDiann's Keyboards
Friday10:59 AMNewFINALNetworkWorkshops01
Friday11:00 AMMentalHealthPSA_UPDATE_2017
Friday11:00 AMTheology in Prospective
Friday11:45 AMRiverSafePSA_09012016
Friday11:45 AMHuman Trafficing Doc
Friday12:30 PMHello Waterford
Friday1:29 PMBlack Coffee
Friday1:55 PMSports On Demand
Friday1:56 PMSpecialSpacesPSA2018
Friday2:00 PMSeniorcize
Friday2:23 PMCommon Ground PSA
Friday2:24 PMBiz Around Town
Friday3:00 PMKnuckle Head Theatre
Friday3:21 PMNewFINALNetworkWorkshops01
Friday3:22 PMKettering vs WL Western
Friday6:00 PMUnder the Checkered Flag
Friday7:00 PMAsk the Chiropractor
Friday7:30 PMHealthyYou
Friday7:48 PMDetroit Sports Media
Friday8:24 PMWaterford Youth Awards 2018
Friday9:00 PMThe How To Show
Friday9:24 PMMovie Maddness
Friday10:57 PMGhost on the Loose
Saturday12:48 AMOakland County Tomorrow
Saturday1:16 AMRoad to Recovery PTSD
Saturday1:45 AMPodcastShow1
Saturday2:56 AMAround the World w/Ray
Saturday3:20 AMSports On Demand
Saturday3:21 AMKettering vs WL Western
Saturday5:38 AMGhost on the Loose
Saturday6:42 AMSportsTalkRTS10_3_181
Saturday8:00 AM"Your Health"
Saturday8:26 AMAirbase
Saturday9:00 AMCartoons Corner
Saturday9:30 AMIn Town News
Saturday10:00 AMLazart & Jingles
Saturday10:30 AMUnder the Checkered Flag
Saturday10:59 AMSt Perpetual Parish Ceremony
Saturday11:22 AMPSA2016-DVD001-06
Saturday11:22 AMkidsbiz
Saturday12:00 PMA Veteran's Story
Saturday2:00 PMSeniorcize
Saturday2:30 PMPowers Pow Wow Music
Saturday3:01 PMAirbase
Saturday3:30 PMHealthyYou
Saturday4:00 PMHello Waterford
Saturday4:30 PMKnuckle Head Theatre
Saturday4:51 PMNewFINALNetworkWorkshops01
Saturday4:52 PMMI Works Promo 2017
Saturday4:53 PMSMAM PSA
Saturday5:00 PMMonthly Movie
Saturday6:11 PMThe How To Show
Saturday7:00 PMMovie Maddness
Saturday8:33 PMBlack Coffee
Saturday9:02 PMGhost on the Loose
Sunday12:00 AMHello Waterford
Sunday12:28 AMPRN OC PSA :60
Sunday12:29 AMPodcastShow1
Sunday2:00 AMMovie Maddness
Sunday3:33 AMVaping Seminar
Sunday4:53 AMHuman Trafficing Doc
Sunday5:23 AMAult Talk
Sunday6:25 AMDiwaniya
Sunday6:56 AMNewFINALNetworkWorkshops01
Sunday6:56 AMPCHS40 Ad
Sunday7:00 AMGrace & Truth
Sunday7:28 AMLazart & Jingles
Sunday7:59 AMHealthyYou
Sunday8:18 AMMI Works Promo 2017
Sunday8:19 AMOunce of Preventinon
Sunday9:00 AMHeart of the Hills
Sunday9:59 AMSportsPSAFINALSD
Sunday10:00 AMSt Patrick Church
Sunday11:00 AMWoodside Bible Church
Sunday11:29 AMRiverSafePSA_09012016
Sunday12:29 PMSt. Trinity Church
Sunday1:16 PMSports On Demand
Sunday1:30 PMBlack Coffee
Sunday2:30 PMChrist Lutheran Church
Sunday3:30 PMThe Bible Speaks
Sunday4:30 PMDoor of Faith
Sunday5:29 PMMichigan Rocks
Sunday5:56 PMSpecialSpacesPSA2018
Sunday6:00 PMAsk the Chiropractor
Sunday7:30 PMNature Kid
Sunday7:55 PMMovie Maddness
Sunday9:28 PMSt Perpetual Parish Ceremony
Sunday9:51 PMWaterford Youth Awards 2018
Sunday10:22 PMSportsTalkRTS10_3_181
*This schedule is valid as of 4:01 PM on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 and is subject to change.  Refresh this screen often for the most up-to-date scheduling information.